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Bulk Transportation Custom Solutions - Belly Dump And Side Dump Trailers

Bulk transportation of any commodity requires high standards for maintaining product integrity from loading, transit, and delivery. The success of your business depends upon reliable trailer design and manufacturing that uses top quality materials for both your liquid and dry bulk material transportation. Centerline Tank and Trailer Manufacturing has been serving customers for over 40 years with the highest quality belly dump, bulk liquid, and side dump trailers. The Centerline team brings the same attention to vacuum products of all sizes and applications from 300 gallon slide in units, to 3000 gallon septic truck mounts, to 10,000 gallon quad axle transports. We specialize in custom stainless steel and carbon steel tank manufacturing to meet your specifications, budget and time frame, compressed lead times a specialty.

What Makes Centerline Tank And Trailer Manufacturing Unique

Our years in the business have given us the opportunity and experience to evolve and grow with the industry. Our innovative designs are customized to meet customer needs and demands. We specialize in trailer and custom tank concepts, designs and manufacturing. In addition to tank trailers we also manufacture a wide range of truck mounted tanks. Potable water tanks, vacuum tanks, Code 407 crude oil truck mounts, edible fats, non-edibles and more have been produced and mounted, your chassis or ours. We're here to address all your bulk transportation and truck mounted tank needs with the most appropriate and functional designs possible.


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Construction industry professionals, transport trailer operators, state, city, and county government officials, and onsite waste water professionals all stake their reputations on dependable machinery and equipment. In every product we have ever built, and in everything we hope to build for you, we maintain the highest standards of manufacturing.

Effective, and profitable septic pumping requires excellence in septic truck design. We are among the leading vacuum tank manufacturers and specialize in vacuum tank trailers with capacities for pumping from 300 to in excess of 10,000 gallons. Custom configuration in our truck mounted tanks and vacuum trailers is available, and expected. At Centerline we like to say "it's your specification, get it the way you want it".

Commitment To Excellence

We maintain the highest standards of quality, manufacturing, and service and continue to move forward with a commitment to being the tank and trailer manufacturer that is known for reliability and dependability. We are proud to serve the bulk transportation, septic pumping, vacuum truck, custom tank, and governmental entities markets with innovative solutions. If you have an immediate need, idea or concept that you would like to discuss with our experts, please call us today at 800.752.5159 and let’s get started on your next truck or trailer! Please give us a call to discover how we can assist you get the job done right.


Centerline Tank & Trailer Mfg

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